Circular Packaging Cluster

Why cluster collaboration?

– the need for a more circular economy –

Multiple research reports point to a linear economy being a significant reason for some of the biggest environmental problems facing humanity. Linearity has contributed to the earth’s tolerance limits being exceeded. At the company level, the transition to a circular economy will require more cooperation within- and between- value chains. No single entity can create or implement circular systems on its own.

Circular Packaging Cluster is the only complete collaboration arena in Norway representing a near-complete value chain for packaging. This diversity is a prerequisite for creating genuine change. We bring together R&D, the public sector, the industries, leading manufacturers, retail chains, universdities and financial institutions. We will make circular value chain collaboration in packaging a competitive advantage for our business community.

Common goals

– the strenght of a complete value chain –

Our main objective is to facilitate the creation of the world’s most efficient and circular value chain for packaging. It is ambitious, but not entirely unattainable. In Norway, we already have the world’s most efficient system for reverse vending. This development was made possible through significant collaboration between manufacturers, R&D, trade partners and the business community as such. Our partner Tomra Systems and the reverse vending company Infinitum are constantly requesed by trade partners around the world to show and tell more about that success. So even though we have high ambitions, we have some significant domestic role models. Our joint work combines environmental benefits for our society and the global environment with economic growth, strengthening business competitiveness for Norwegian companies and their international partners.


– cross competencies, innovation and development –

Circular Packaging Cluster is a strong and fairly large group of important players representing nearly complete value chain. There is, however, always room for additional, active players in all parts of the value chain. Our vision and common goals cannot be realized without extensive collaboration from a complete value chain. We commonly face competitive, regulatory and regional conditions and obstacles that cause blockage in the value chain and marginalize progress an development. We aim to solve the most important ones, benefitting the turning the packaging value chain cooperation to the benefit of all parties.

A list of current members and partners with links to their web sites can be found below.