The cluster project

Background and development

Circular Packaging Cluster (CPC) is a merger between SmartPack 2030 business cluster, Forum for circular plastic packaging, major representatives for the wholesale and retail groups as well as players in Norwegian waste management.  The cluster currently has 45 members and 16 associated partners, among them four other clusters. CPC represents a national packaging value chain, the main hub being in eastern Norway. We are publicly funded through RIP – Regional Innovation Program (50%) and the members make up the other half though payments and cluster activities.

The cluster was initiated by the research collaboration organization Emballasjeforsk and SmartPack 2030 business cluster was founded in 2017 by BAMA Industri, Glomma Papp, Keep-It Technologies, Nofima and the Norwegian Packaging Association.

All our activities and initiatives are based on the United Nations sustainability goals, EU Council Directive 94/62, Veikart for sirkulær plastemballasje (Norwegian only) Miljødirektoratets Avfallsplan 2020-2025 (Norwegian only) and Nasjonal Strategi for Sirkulær økonomi (Norwegian only)


Ambition and goals

Our participating companies and the industries they represent recognize that national and global goals for sustainability, recycling and a more circular economy are not possible to achieve without significant commitment from a complete value chain. The cluster’s vision is therefore to create the world’s most efficient and circular value chain for packaging. We aim to achieve this through collaboration and development between our members and partners in a transition to create circularity, develop market opportunities and contribute to a more sustainable development locally and globally.

The main goal of the cluster project is to increase the use of packaging materials from renewable sources, enhance material recycling according to national and European goals and double the market share for more locally produced packaging by 2030. Strengthened collaboration and development aims at giving a competitive advantage nationally and internationally. One specific goal is to increase the export of Norwegian packaging solutions and systems four-fold by 2030.

Sustainability in packaging is a joint effort of a complete value chain

We are in dire need of more fact- and information based approach to practical solutions for a sustainable and circular development in packaging.
Our markets are changing rapidly and the demand for greener and more environmental-friendly solutions is growing exponentially.